Why buy a property on the Costa Blanca?

  • durch Roberto van der Hoeven
  • 9 Jahren vor
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There are obviously several reasons to buy on the Costa Blanca: first of all the climate here is a relieve if you enjoy good weather and sunny days. In this part of Spain we have more or less 320 days a year sunshine and even in the winter many times you can have lunch outside, which is very pleasant. Of course we have some rain here as well but hardly ever more than a few days in a row. The spring and autumn are very nice seasons because most of the time it´s around 24 degrees, so also during these seasons you can have lunch outside, but as well have diner in the open air. In the summer it can be hot, it can easily be 30 degrees, great weather to swim, sunbath and have a drink in the evening on the terrace. On the few days that there is summer rain you can still sit outside on a covered terrace and enjoy.

There has been spoken a lot about the prices of the properties, the prices have decreased tremendously over the last 8 years, however in the Denia/Javea area they are fairly stable, purely due to the fact that this is an extraordinary beautiful area and easy to reach from the Northern Europe. Both Alicante as well as Valencia offer a modern airport and are about the same distance from Javea/Denia so you can always choose which airport your prefer to fly on. In conclusion, the prices of properties are still very reasonable.

The purity of the air could also be a reason, in this area there are no heavy industries and / or other big polluters.

Furthermore the habits are very pleasant, people here have a healthy way of eating and drinking and the balance between work and private life seems to be more in equilibrium. The restaurants offer a large variety of mostly fresh products, especially the fish is highly recommended. But also the meat is very good as the better restaurants get their meat from Galicia, which is known for its good quality and taste.

In short….., much stress you won´t experience here, especially not if you purchase your property through us. We take care of all your matters with over 20 years of experience and excellent contacts that we´ve gained over all those years, amongst other notaries, lawyers, contractors, painters or a dentist, don´t hesitate to ask us for advice!

Fincas Denia can assist you with almost everything but above all of course with finding you the dream finca or villa and we won´t give up! We will search until you leave the notary with a smile on your face and you open your front door of your “successful purchase” and pop a bottle of champagne with us!

Don´t wait any longer and contact us by email or telephone, whatever suits you best! To a successful collaboration: cheers!

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