Thanks to the whole team of “Fincas Denia” for their great professionalism, efficiency and seriousness, when working and responding to both parties, with both the seller, which is the one that offers the product, which Fincas Denia then puts on sale, as the buyer, who depending on the professionalism of Fincas Denia, makes the decision to acquire it. Therefore I have to say, continue along this path and you will grow bigger every day.
Greetings Paloma, A satisfied person with these services
Roberto vd Hoeven, with his real estate agent “FincasDenia” made sure that our villa in Javea was sold. His guidance and tenacity were to the satisfaction of all parties. Everything has been arranged properly and in good harmony, so we can definitely recommend “FincasDenia” !!
Mr. Van Dillen
Why am I so happy with Fincas Denia? Roberto, the owner, knows to find exactly the right house / finca that suits you! He thinks incredibly with you and really only wants to sell something if it is suitable for both parties and when it feels good! The ultimate match is more important than the profit! Moreover, he knows how it works in Spain. It is not as simple and clear as in the Netherlands but Roberto arranges the most complicated issues! And that makes buying a house in Spain fairly easy, carefree and above all very nice! And once you have bought that beautiful old finca, Roberto can also arrange the renovation for you or put you in touch with reliable professionals! In short, for me a Spanish adventure that thanks to Roberto is a ‘journey’ that I thoroughly enjoy and can recommend to anyone! Muchas gracias!
We were and we are in love with Spain. My partner has come to Spain since her childhood and has even spent many years here. And not just Spain, but Denia. After returning to the Netherlands, Spain was always on our minds. Many shorter and longer vacations followed until we decided to buy our own house in Spain. But not just a house, it had to be a house with character, a finca. Looking for a finca you without a doubt find Fincas Denia, a real estate agent with a wide range of traditional fincas and soon we came in contact with Roberto van der Hoeven. Roberto, a Dutchman of origin, has lived in Spain for a long time and knows the area and the housing market around Denia. After we had informed him about our wishes, Roberto came up with a number of houses that he was convinced would meet our expectations. And indeed! All houses spoke to us but of course one had our preference. In addition to the standard requirements, Roberto also provided the various permits and arranged everything so that the sale went very smoothly and quickly. We will not be moving anytime soon but if it’s ever the case, we will certainly use the expertise of Roberto van der Hoeven and Fincas Denia again!
Jacco and Grieteke Fontein-de Leeuw
Roberto van der Hoeven (Owner of Fincasdenia) assisted us in the sale of our Finca and its administrative settlement. We can say that our case was extremely opaque and prolonged, especially because of the demands of various government institutions. Throughout the process, which lasted for 8 months, Roberto showed not only being well informed about the working methods of the institutions but also striving to solve the problem so much that a positive result, which sometimes seemed far away, was reached eventually. With our sincere thanks!
Jacky & Ruud Bakker
With the intermediation of Roberto we bought a house and he has been a great help in all aspects. His professionally, kindness and availability were excellent and I recommend him both for buying as well as selling a property. Roberto knows the area very well and solves any problem you may have during the buying process. We were lucky to have met him as a real estate agent and as a person.
Eva, Madrid
Via Roberto van der Hoeven of the real estate Fincasdenia I have bought and sold a house on la Sella. While searching for a nice holiday home I came in contact with Mr. Van der Hoeven. I was looking for somebody who could guide me in a professional way with buying a house and at the same time could look critically at the properties with the knowledge of the Spanish real estate market and rules. Mr. Van der Hoeven for sure is very professional and due his knowledge both the buy as well as the sale went according to our wishes. He has a extended knowledge of the area and thinks of things you would normally not think about when first buying in the area. When buying a house he for example will always look at how it’s located in the winter with the sun etc. I truly recommend anybody Mr. Van der Hoeven.
Pieter Melchers
We know Roberto now for more than seven years, and we’ve recently purchased a second home through his mediation. Roberto is tenacious, honest, very trustworthy and his after-sales are unsurpassed. His services do not end with the sale of the house, because he is also very helpful in finding good workmen to assist in the renovation of your new home. He will offer his assistance and advice in any way he can. In short, we can wholeheartedly recommend the services of Roberto van der Hoeven and Fincas Denia.
Saskia and René, Haarlem, The Netherlands
When selling our house in La Xara Roberto helped us tremendously. It was quite a complicated property (an old finca that, we found out, had not entirely the required papers) and there were different obstacles to overcome. Roberto made sure that everything was neatly arranged. We were very happy with his efforts and mediation. Very recommendable.
John and Ann Robbe

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